AdaCore University

Technical Papers

Ada for C++ or Java Developer

This document will present the Ada language using terminology and examples that are familiar to developers that understand the C++ or Java languages.

Safe and Secure Software: An Invitation to Ada 2012

The aim of this booklet is to show how the study of Ada in general, and the features introduced by Ada 2005 and Ada 2012 in particular, can help anyone designing safe and secure software regardless of the programming language in which the software is eventually written. After all, successful implementers of safe and secure software write in the spirit of Ada in any language!

Ada 2012 Rationale

This document by John Barnes gives a view of the major enhancements to Ada being introduced in Ada 2012.

High-Integrity Object-Oriented Programming in Ada

This paper’s goal is to provide guidance on how to use Ada’s Object Oriented (OO) features for High-Integrity applications; i.e. high-reliability systems with requirements for safety and/or security which may need to demonstrate compliance with domain-specific certification standards.