AdaCore University

Getting Started with AdaCore University

AdaCore University is a platform that contains education material on Ada and related technologies. Material can be viewed using any recent web browser.

Labs can be run against GNAT GPL 2015, which can be downloaded from the AdaCore Libre site. Once you have installed GNAT GPL 2015, please download and install the supporting files. For Windows, we also provide an installer to do this.

If you are new to Ada, you probably want to start with some of the overview lessons, in order to get an initial feeling for the language. Depending on how you like to learn new programming languages, you may then carry on with the formal courses, or get straight on to hacking around the code contained in the labs.

If you already have some degree of Ada expertise, you will probably start on the more advanced topics. A good way to assess if it's worth spending time on a given lesson is to try out the quiz session associated each lesson.

If you succeed with a high score, it's probably worth moving on!

More content is being added month after month. Stay tuned, there is much more to come!